Fargin Ice Holes

fargin ice holes

I don’t get something (I don’t get a lot of things).

College.  It’s weird.

I’ve noticed in college, that when you have a class with someone who’s noticeably older than their fellow students, that older person is treated in a different manner.  Not in a way where the professor is bias, but in a way of their tone.  It seems as if the younger people in the room are…. ignorant (not stupid, big difference).

I believe that a professor takes a liking to the elder students because they’ve went through a lot, so the tone is more mellow and friendly.  The tone to the kids straight out of high school is an obligated one.

I am much older than my classmates.  I am twenty-six.  It seems like I’m more associated with the young crowd than anything else.  Call me weird, but I have no similarities with the people of youth.

Take my two roommates from Wright State.  They’re 21 and 22 respectively.  They were born in 1995.  Now me being five years their senior, you’d think that there’s load of similarities.  There’s very few in fact.  Strangely, there’s a big cultural difference.  For them, by the time they were aware of complexities, it was already the new millennium.  I rode out a good chunk of the 90’s.  Heck, Britney Spears and N*Sync was at their peak before my roommates were able to read and write.

Now, I’m not calling those guys kids (I did to their face 😛 ).  But.. there’s people around their age, and a little younger that get treated in manner that seems as if they haven’t had the experience and maturity as some older people do.  I really hope my message is coming through.

My professor doesn’t treat me in a manner that I think I should.  I think I get treated like a kid, like a widdle bity Freshman.  I’m a Senior for Christ’s sake.  He’s telling me to do things that I already did.  He told me that I never inquired about my exam, which I totally did.  HE also said that I never asked him about an event for the school that the class was required to go to.  I did.  I did and I have the emails to back it up.

Now, anyone would think that the professor is just shotty at his job.  Well, yeah I think so too.  But…. I think he believes that I’m just a kid that is riding out this college experience like the stereotypical college student.  He talked to an older guy and then talked to me.  I got a tone that was a lot different from the other student.  I have no clue on why that happened.

It’s not just the professor.  I just don’t know why I am always associated with those that just now became old enough to vote.  It’s just another notch on my pessimistic views.  I’m in my late 20’s.  I’ve went through way too much to be talked down to.  It’s another contributor to my growing and never ending depression.  I speak up, but nothing happens.  I’m not a kid.  I shouldn’t be treated as one.


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