President Twitter


POTUS has a new meaning.

President of Officiating Twitter and the United States.

It is tiresome and irresponsible to be obligated to be on social media at least two times an hour when you’re supposed to be the leader of the “greatest country on Earth”.

We have a meme running the country, and it’s irritating to hear people stick up for him.  I have friends from my old hometown defending him by saying that we need to give him time.  Time for what?  He doesn’t have to be given time, especially the way he’s going.  The King of Twitter cannot stay off of that site.  Is he subconsciously addicted to it, or is he tweeting just to irk his “haters”?  Twitter is not the medium to convey messages.  It is inevitable that he will type something either classified or type something inappropriate and it’ll cause some major issues far exceeding the issues that he’s doing right now.

So, what is the purpose tweeting those broken and incomplete thoughts?  Go on Twitter and look at his page.  It’s nothing but repetition.  Trumples’ thoughts can be summed up from a few key points (if you call it that).

– Democrats are evil and ruined the country
– Olive skin is not good kin
– He’s a genius with “yuge” hands and a good brain (his words)
– He believes that he is the most successful businessman in the whole world

Let’s break this all down. Shall we?

Why blame just the Democrats?  We all know that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans can get anything done without flinging crap at each other.  Wait.. monkeys do that.  Eh, I digress.  Consider this, he was bouncing back and forth between parties.  He was a democrat for a while.  By simple assumptions, isn’t he part of the problem?

His hate of all things Muslim.  They’re terrorist. Boogie boogie boogie.  He wants to be so patriotic, or at least he wants us to think that.  So why single a group based on race?  Now I passed history with flying colors.  Think about this.  Hitler did the same thing!  The only thing separating the two is a concentration and an army of Nazis.  Terrorists comes in many shapes and colors.  We have terrorists that are white, American made and completely mentally melted.  Englishmen used bio-terrorism on Native Americans.  I guess we all need to flee to our homeland too, right?  Sounds crazy, and so does this ban.

He touts his intelligence as being superior to the average person, yet he cannot make sense, even if his life depended on it.  He’ll go thirty seconds talking about ISIS and suddenly we take a trip on The Trumples Express and listen to him ramble about golf.  At least with Bush, we got complete thoughts.  Bush wasn’t the greatest orator of his time, but he got his point across.  Trump speaks as if he had a stroke.  We don’t have ESP.  Embellish a bit, sir!

Finally, he is not a great businessman.  People believe that if we run this country like a business, things will be better.  For starters, it’s more than money.  It’s diplomacy.  It’s keeping peace between allies and keeping enemies at bay.  Sure, having an economical background is great too.  Trump was called out during the debates regarding some of his financial plans.  Experts proved that his theories were faulty and needed to be revised.  His reply?  “Wrong”.  That’s it?  He never did explain.

So what makes him a great businessman?  Donald Trump was bankrupt FIVE TIMES!  Where is it that shows that he’s a great man of business?  He said himself that he is audited all of the time.  He failed at his taxes!  So why should we take it to heart about his advise regarding taxes for the nation and why should we believe that he’s great at what he does?  Being bankrupt shows that it took six tries to get it right.  That’s five more than what we get!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a colossal failure in charge of our freedom.   Am I wrong?  Prove it and terms other than the wall.  That’s a cop out.  Besides, Mexican can float on a raft if they’re desperate enough..

Prove me wrong.


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