The United Sheep of America

I cannot stress enough that I am just an average guy in the middle of a Midwestern no-happening state.

I seemed to have an interest in the recent Presidential election. It was strange. Candidates were coming from every direction imaginable, half of whom were completely unknown.

Prior to the race, I thought that we will have a good election. Some of the candidates from both ends had credible people capable of being the Commander in Chief. You had established Governors and Senator who had valid points. It was going good!  I honestly thought that Donald Trump bidding for President was just a gag, just to see what people would say.

I was wrong!

Fast forward through the race. The Republican Party widdled down to a sloppy mess. Trump, along with Cruz and Kasich was the last of the Party.  Before hand, Trump was calm. He made points uniquely his own. By the time the Party was down to a select three, Trump morphed into bully with the temperament of an 12 year old. He was making crude remarks towards everyone and everything. It was amazing that he didn’t call his opponents a big doodie face.

Primaries occurred. Trumples beat out the entire Republican Party.  I was disappointed. I was hoping for Governor Kasich.  He was calm. He was collected. He was the most EXPERIENCED! Kasich had taken Ohio from a collousal mess to a state of hope and potential. He added the 400,000 jobs, which happened to be the amount lost by his predecessor. The economy grew to high standards. Had he been elected, we could have seen a prosperous four years.

When Trump got the bid, I knew that America would do something that was done eight years ago. I know that what I am about to say might be controversial.  Obama, in my opinion, was elected as President because people wanted to make history. He was elected because he is African American. McCain was credible and logical. He wasn’t erratic.  Where did he go wrong? Obama’s opponent in his second race had been a polar opposite of what McCain was. Romney was poor in his economic recovery and had the credibility of a shoe.  Seemingly, Obama won by default.

This election seemed to have that theme again. People were too busy whining about emails that they weren’t listening to the real concerns. People wanted a celebrity with money and not someone who has experience. They wanted to make history and not go with qualified professionals.  Logic had waived bye-bye.  Bernie Sanders only lost because he pegged himself as a socialist, and nobody listened to his proposals. He’s a Socialist, not a Communist. FDR WAS A SOCIALIST. Anyone with half a brain recalls the progress he made. But…. This is just a country with priorities in the wrong spot.

I end this by saying that America needs to feel accountable for any wrong doings that’ll happen in the upcoming term.  Cotton Candy Hair himself has no filter. He’s not even in office and he’s causing predicable trouble.  When we’re deep in the heart of turmoil, I want everyone who chose him to have the biggest guilt and shame in knowing that their misguided practical joke cost us the safety of America.

Make a meme of that.


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